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During a series of talks with Latin American researchers from different areas, we learn about the experiences that led those persons to  choose this field, his experiences and opinions in the scientific community, and other relevant topics for researchers. This podcast is aimed at increase visibility of Latin American researchers' work.

Press (in Spanish)

Cognitive science and education 


-Saúde: Neuromyths hunters [link]

-Perfil: Experiences [link]

-Exactas: Learning programming in poverty contexts [link] 

-Perfil: Research with identity [link]

-Primer plano: Knowledge for social research [link]

-Página 12: "What happens at social levels has a correlate at the biological level" [link]

Radio interviews:

Neuroscience and education [link]

Neuromyths [link]

Poverty effects on cognitive development [link]

Health education


-Télam: Can we learn from our children how to prevent dengue? [PDF]

-La voz de Misiones: Study demonstrates children are experts in teaching about dengue  [PDF]

-Rosario3: Can children be the key in dengue prevention? [PDF]

-Ámbito financiero: An study demonstrates children can be crucial for dengue prevention [PDF]

-Página 12: children can be the key for dengue prevention [PDF]

-Agencia CyTA: children are as good teachers as an expert to teach their parents about dengue [PDF]

-Infobae: children as communicators: they can teach adults about dengue as well as an expert [PDF]